Peak Performance, Turnaround & Maximum Results

  • If you are committed to achieve an extraordinary quality of life….
  • If you are unwilling to settle for less than what you can…
  • If you are uncertain about your future and want to share it rather than just react…
  • If you have resolved to massively improve your relationships, your finances, your business, your career…

Achieve Breakthroughs and Design Your Destiny

Improve the effectiveness of communication

Learn the power of NLP and use it to improve your effectiveness of communication. While today most people lack supremacy over things because of the fear of communication, grab the power within to be an effective communicator

Design a Powerful Life Plan

The secret of people who are successful is that they have a Goal in their life. When you set your goals, you will be clear of steps that you need take in order to make your life better

Take Charge of Your Mental States

Manage your emotions. Negative emotions bring in negative actions and negative results. Be in control of your various emotional states such as Fear, Anger, Anxiety, Frustration and many more…

Break all your Limiting Beliefs

Even though Goals are clear, there are times when your limiting negatives beliefs can stop you from taking action. Break these chains that hold you back today and take massive action towards your Goals.

Eliminate Bad Habits and Install New Patterns

Break all those bad habits, which you feel is not creating a better life. For a high quality of life, its important that develop positve habits and make them patterns in your life

Re-ignite your Passion and Focus

In life to achieve the best and feel your zest in life, you need to do what you are passionate about. Born To Win will rekindle all your and you will bubble with self motivation and enthusiasms to achieve the best

Memory Skills

How many types of memory do you have?

Only two types, Trained and Untrained Memory. Trained memory has the capability to remember anything. You will be amazed at how powerful your memory is. Learn the strategies to remember the names of others, the important tasks you need to finish in a day and relish with unconditional success in your life.

Communication Skills

Communication has gained so much of importance that it has become an integral part of success. Break the barriers of communication and become a more efficient human being. Your success is directly proportional to the effectiveness of your communication. Also gain total mastery over Human Relationship skills and Leadership skills.

Power of Words

You can create a change with the way you speak because what you speak shapes your Neuro- Physiological state. Employing empowering words will make your communication pattern more effective. There are certain disempowering words that will bring down your level of influence as you communicate to others. The way you communicate replicates the way you perceive your life.

Program Schedule

'FEAR' The Driving Force - Day 1

  • Awareness about various emotions
  • Control over the emotions
  • Convert fear as a driving force
  • Learn the Ultimate Success Formula
  • Experience the exhilarating Firewalk
  • Boldly walk on the burning coal bed of 1200 - 2000 degrees Fahrenheit!
  • Realize that anything is possible with strong determination and attitude
Is it a must for you to walk on fire? You don't have to, but you will love to.

Day of Self Realization - Day 2

  • Learn the art of Changing Habit in a heartbeat
  • Identify and understand "Who am I?"
  • Reveal your inborn sparkling vibrancy
  • Change habits using submodalities
  • Create new patterns in yourself
  • Achieve congruence over your thoughts
  • Move away from stress
  • Create a positive outlook towards things around you
You will realize a very important truth about life "For things to change I must change first."

This training program will help you to realize your true potential and achieve the results that you want in your life. You will find most amazing ways to take charge of your life and produce exceptional results.

Take Massive Action - Peak States for High Performance

One of the challenging steps in achieving your dreams is the courage to take massive action in your life. Results are produced not just with the knowledge but with the action that you take towards achieving your goals. What is stopping you from taking massive action in your life? Fear? Procrastination? Lethargy? Idleness? Can you break all these strong limiting patterns and emotions and move forward to lead a meaningful life? Using the right thoughts and physiology you will discover the power to turn fear into magic, anxiety into confidence, procrastination into motivation and many more.

How will your life be if you have all the methodologies to create an extraordinary
quality of life that you truly deserve?

Step into BORN to WIN. BORN to WIN the most sought after training program from OnlySuccess, holds a track record in positively directing lives of thousands of Working Professionals, Homemakers, Businessmen, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Teachers and Students for more than a decade.

BORN to WIN is one of its kind where Vidyashankar and Praveen Sherman will personally train you to break your barriers and stretch beyond your limits.

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What is the Outcome you should expect from BORN to WIN?

You will:

  • Design your life's blue print
  • Reshape your thoughts and train yourself to be positive
  • Learn to take action when it is required
  • Realize the skills that you learn at BORN to WIN will be the most proven way to jump start a life with the changes that you really deserve.
  • Understand with these skills and techniques you can fly over the road blocks that you experience in your life.
  • Recognize you are not alone! Thousands of people have experienced this program in the past and achieved the results they deserve in life.
  • Be ready to totally get immersed and bring out the unstoppable force from within!

The Breakthrough Experience

First day evening will be unforgettable. You will tap the awesome power within you that will change not only your approach towards life but your life as a whole. You'll experience this power by walking barefoot across a bed of hot coals.

You will learn how to use unstoppable courage to overcome challenges and achieve results beyond your dreams. In the very first evening, you will learn to:

  • Overcome barriers that stand in the way of your success.
  • Instantly place yourself in the peak emotional, mental, and physical states.
  • Condition yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically for consistent and overwhelming success in any or all areas of your life.

Transform Your Life With The Power Of NLP

Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP is the process of creating models of excellence using your nervous system (neuro) and your language (linguistic) to program yourself and others to achieve the results you want. The creators of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder observed and analyzed geniuses in the field of behavioral change such as VirginaSatir (a famous family therapist) and Milton Erickson MD (a clinical therapist).

Create the Wheel of Balance

Success cannot give you happiness and only Growth can give you happiness. And when we say Growth, its in all 6 areas of life which gives immense satisfaction and happiness. There are people who focus on the Career and then forget to focus on Family and they miss out on the love from family. That's what makes them feel dejected and not satisfied end of the day inspite of working hard and earing a lot of money also. Born To Win is about creating the Balance of Life in all important areas of life.

Details of the Program

Day 1 : 23rd Sept 2017 ( 11am to 8pm)
Day 2 : 24th Sept 2017 ( 9am to 8pm)

Venue: Hotel Deccan Plaza, Chennai

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