A parent's highest Priority in Life

How should I equip my child to be Successful in life?


Nearly all limiting beliefs such as "I'm not good enough"



Goal setting helps to understand the bigger perspective


Time Management

Time Management – As the saying goes, "those who fail to Plan


Speed Reading

Reading speed depends on eye span and eye pause.


Thinking & Application Skills

The most important fact about learning any study skills, it must be applied and incorporated in to every subject.


Make Notes

Note making is one of the most important study skill every child


Super Memory

Memory works with association. Students struggle to remember


Info Gathering

when it comes to preparation for examinations.



Practice makes man perfect, no doubt but students don't have time


Power of State

State of mind have an impact on the performance.


Exam Skills

The representation what students form about exams.


My child is doing very well in studies and getting good marks. Isn't that enough to make my child successful?

A child's academic performance never guarantees success in life. What happens to a child doing very good in studies, but not able to handle simple setbacks or being very shy or not able to control emotional challenges? Beyond Academics, a child needs

  • To gear up to meet life's expectations
  • Drive and sustain motivation
  • Effectively handle day to day challenges and emotional setbacks.

Common Myth

What is the need for life skill education for my child now? We never did have one, but we are OK in life.
In a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. The dramatic changes in global economies over the past few years have been matched with the transformation in technology and these are all impacting on education, the workplace and our home life. To cope with the increasing pace and change of modern life, students need new life skills such as the ability to deal with stress and frustration. Today's students will have many new jobs over the course of their lives, with associated pressures and there is dire need for flexibility.

What are life skills and how do they help?

Life skills are a set of skills required for a child to face day to day challenges positively. Life skill will help the child to

  • Focus on their goals and work towards it.
  • Recognise the impact of their actions and to take responsibility for what they do rather than blame others
  • Build confidence levels
  • Analyse options, make decisions and understand why they make certain choices outside the classroom.
  • Develop a greater sense of appreciation for others and importance of relationship.

Common Myth

My child is too young to understand goal setting
What is the age at which Sachin Tendulkar set this goals? How about Bill Clinton? How about Sania Mirza. Goal oriented thinking from young age will help children to become an achiever in life. The process of setting goals allows children to choose where they want to go in school and what they want to achieve. By knowing what they want to achieve, they know what they have to concentrate on and improve. Goal setting gives students long-term vision and short-term motivation.

Whenever I ask my child to study my child has so many excuses like Mom I am hungry or I need to go to toilet etc., It is difficult make them sit and study. The main problem what my child faces now is lack of focus or concentration. How will this program help?

Focus and concentration is a function of brain. Science says that two hemispheres of brain are meant to control different set of Functions.

In general, the left and right hemispheres of our brain process information in different ways. The right brain of the brain focuses on the visual, and processes information in an intuitive and simultaneous way, looking first at the whole picture then the details. The focus of the left brain is verbal, processing information in an analytical and sequential way, looking first at the pieces then putting them together to get the whole. Though students use every part of their brain in the learning process, and none are strictly "right brain only" or "left brain only," most are either left brain dominant or right brain dominant – meaning not every teaching style completely fits their learning style. Study methodologies applied in school are left oriented because of which right brain dominant students find challenging to focus.

How do I know whether my child is left brain oriented or right brain oriented?

We can identify through certain behaviours. A left brain child is very organized which reflects in the way they keep their study table, also the way they keep their pencil 'neat and sharp'. These students do things in planned and orderly way. They like to be in quiet place to sit and study and get annoyed when distracted. They can relate to studies so end up as average or above average in academics. But main place where they struggle is when it comes to their life skills. Their social skills are low. Say a guest comes home, they tend to withdraw from meeting them. They are called shy and they lack confidence to face people.

Children who are right brain oriented are little messy (you can make out from the way they keep their things), spontaneous day dreamers, who draw pictures in the class room when teacher is teaching. That's why they end up as average or below average performers in academics, but when it comes to social skill they are extremely good and make friends very easily and are highly creative in their thinking.

What is Whole brain methodology?

Whole Brain methodology of learning is an approach designed toward maximizing student engagement, and focusing on the way the brain is really designed to learn. This will definitely help them to increase focus or concentration. Sure that you have observed your child's focus while playing computer games. And that's because these games are structure to stimulate both parts of brain.

My child who is spending lot of time Watching TV and Playing Computer Games? Why is it and how to handle it?

Children's interest to watch TV and play on the computer games is very high because it engages both the Left and Right Brain Functions. Parents have an obligation to limit screen time, but many of them are finding it challenging to bring the similar focus to studies. Parents must bring in the same level of interest in their studies to make them Super Achievers. How is this possible: Right Goals and motivation to achieve the same and Powerful Learning Strategies will help your child. The truth can be understood from the Training philosophy of OnlySuccess "There are no attention deficit Children, but only learning methodologies that can't grab the attention of the child".

My child is getting poor marks in exams, will this program help?

Getting low marks is only a symptom. The root cause can be totally different. Why children fail to take responsibility for their studies? If you ask your child why are you doing the home work or doing exams, the likely answer is "Else my teacher or my parents will scold me. That's why there is lack of drive as they never feel responsible for their own studies. Once they Understand bigger purpose is very important, they get the drive for achievement in life.

My child often gets very lazy. Life skills will help in this case?

Feeling Lazy, anger, fear, anxiety are nothing but our emotional states that we go through. When we are not able to manage those states well, they affect our performance in every area of our life. Similarly, for a child who is experiencing the fear of exams, or performance anxiety, preparation alone is not enough, they need to manage their state of mind. Be a Champ program helps them to learn strategy to manage their emotional states positively.

How to make my child understand the importance of life skills? I myself have explained many times but it never worked. How will your program help?

This is a question often asked by parents. Life skills cannot be taught or told. As a parent you must have told them many time. What works is self-Realization. It is process based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which creates the circumstance to enable the change in the mind-set of children. Once the drive comes from within, the perspectives change.

What are study skills and how they will help my child.

Children know what to study and their main challenge is How? How to remember facts and figures, how to make notes effectively, how to manage time effectively so on and so forth as they do not have right strategies. Whole Brain methodologies like mind mapping, picture diagrams, strategies on spelling, Principles of super power memory, time management, goal setting will help the child to do better in their studies.

Challenges faced by my child may be different from other children who are in the camp. How will you understand my child?

Every child is unique and so are the challenges. Every child need to be worked on differently. As you sign up for Be a Champ, you will get a full-fledged pre attendance package with form A and B. (Questionnaires based on NLP) Please take quality time to fill up so that we can understand the child well.

Whether my child gets individual attention during the camp?

Be a Champ is not any other workshop. It is an experience that remains with your child for ever. As they come to the camp, the students will be grouped according to their ages and each group will have an adult as a personal coach along with couple of Assistant coaches. Coach will work with your child closely and you can be in touch with the coach during the program, where you can meet up and give/get the feedback.

A common Myth:
Four days cannot bring out a change. How do I sustain the momentum?

If four days are not enough how many days? If takes a spark to create that change. That spark is ignited during be a champ. And once there is realization, the change remains forever. We also have a strong follow up system after the camp

  • Free training for the parents during graduation
  • Home follow up guide for the parents
  • One on one follow up for students from trainers on request
  • Eligibility to be a part of Platinum Membership – a 360 degree follow up
  • Opportunity to be Assistant coach for the future programs

For Parents who feel the child needs a 360 degree follow up for longer duration, students are eligible to take up Platinum membership with a host of programs for one whole year structured during the weekends and holiday time.

Want Proof? Check out the feedback from the video of past participants and their parents.

Online interactive sessions for parents

0nline interactive sessions on strategies to sustain the momentum delivered by experienced trainers from OnlySuccecss. Parents can attend these sessions at the comfort of their home on their smart phones.


I am a Champion

Program Details

28 April 2018 - 01 May 2018
OnlySuccess Training Centre, Chennai
28 May 2018 - 31 May 2018
OnlySuccess Training Centre, Chennai

World'slargest and first Online training for students and adults. OnlySuccess iCoach provides interactive Training Session online on the powerful training concepts of Life andLeadership Skills in a Interactive Virtual Class Room facility.

This cloud based program is Self - Paced, Instructor-led Online & Instructor-led Blended: Enhanced in-class experience
iCoach also includes 24x7 Online Content Library, Mobile Learning, Discussion Forum, Interactive Whiteboard, Tests and Assignments which are automated and provides instant results.

The powerful platform that features and range of useful tools, increases student engagement with real-time audio-video communication, text chats, and advanced, interactive white-boards, where students will also get the opportunity to express themselves with an option to ask trainer alone or to share with everyone in the room.

There is an option to reuse lectures recorded by using iCoach recording and secure content facility.
  • Students can access iCoach from any internet browser. Live classes will be accessible from any mobile device both on Android and iOS.
  • Deliver live classes on-the-go from any mobile device using Android and iOS apps.
  • Manage your classes and students easily with handy features like Attendance Reporting, Recording, and Notifications.
  • Reuse lectures recorded and recording and secure content facility.
  • Access icoachfrom any internet browser, without downloading any software.

List of programs delivered by icoach:
  • Retail sales in various sectors
  • Career counselling for students
  • Personal effectiveness in all sectors
  • Teachers training
  • Communication training in all sectors

Online counselling is fast becoming a popular model for support for young people as it is easily accessible to all those who wish to use it. Doctor OS overcomes barriers that may preclude others from seeking therapy.

  • Individuals residing in rural or remote areas where there is no counselling services can benefit from the accessibility of Doctor OS.
  • Those that are physically disabled or unable to leave their home can also easily access such services with little inconvenience.
  • Those that have visual and hearing impairments can also benefit from such services.
  • Doctor OS has also shown to be effective in encouraging children and teenagers to receive therapy as they seem to be more comfortable with using the internet.
  • Doctor OS is convenient. Both the counsellor and the client have the convenience of corresponding with each other at a range of variant times.
  • Doctor OS is also beeffective in eliminating social stigma associated with receiving therapy. For those who are uncomfortable with receiving therapy, online counselling allows access to such services in private without having to visit the counselling centre.
  • Advantage of aggregator platform, where specialists from various fields of counselling (Vouched by OnlySuccess) can be accessed.